Divesting From Palm Oil

The Indonesian island of Borneo is losing an area of forest the size of a football field EVERY 47 seconds. As forests are cleared for palm oil, endangered species like orangutans, pygmy elephants, and tigers lose their habitat, and eventually die. In the last 16 years, half of Borneo’s orangutan population was wiped out.

What’s more, workers are abused by reckless producers -- and palm oil deforestation on carbon-rich peat-land releases carbon bombs in our atmosphere, worsening climate chaos.

The main palm oil regulator, the Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), is the industry's only oversight. While their standards are good, we felt the need to go ahead and divest in Palm Oil altogether until we found a truly sustainable 100% Orangutan-safe source for Palm Oil. That is why we're divesting and changing the formulas to all our Eclectic Candle Company soaps to be 100% palm oil free. 

All Whiskey River Soaps are 100% Certified Vegan and all palm oil used in them are from RSPO certified sources. The few soaps that do; contain palm oil that “Has been audited and found to meet the requirements of standard RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard, version 21 November 2014. This guarantees that the criteria for processing RSPO certified oil palm products through one or more of the supply chain models as stated in the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Systems have been met.”



For more information please see: Conflict Palm Oil